Wednesday, October 27, 2010

who am I today?

It is interesting how the mask which was or is still used for amusement or cultural practices is also a part of every human’s identity. I always knew that a person would wear a mask of disguise at one point or the other to protect himself or hide his identity but I was never realised that at every moment an individual masks himself and there is very little time that anyone of us are unmasked or being our true self.

One of the reasons to be masked is I thought because we feel the need to be accepted. With every different group we play a different role which suits that group so that we are accepted and liked. It is interesting how we are constantly masking ourselves and in this practice I feel that we our losing our true self and it is very difficult to identify when we are not faking our identity as we are constantly layered with a variety of masks.

When we wear making the masks one thought that came to my mind was that we not only wear masks to hide identity or to be accepted but sometimes it has to be worn for the sake of others. There are many instances in my life where I feel that I have worn a mask not for myself but for others around me. I have tried to show that through the mask above where one side is constantly smiling and joking around while the inside which I still don’t know if it is my true self is struggling to keep the tears from coming out.

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