Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how i was gendered

when i was thinking on this question 'how i was gendered?'. i came up with different point but in all that i think the most important part is played by my likes and dislikes. and thats what definitely gendered me.
since my childhood i know what i like and what i hate, also its been constant for a long time. for example colors i like, cloths i wear, colors i hate., sports i like etc.
as well as other that this the way i talk,i behave in public and people around me are responsible for my gender identity.
so over all my likes dislike and environment around me has gendered me.i guess.

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  1. what i could understand from your thoughts was that the environment plays a very important role to make us gendered. it is always constantly indicating and convincing us how a guy should be and how a girl should be and conscious or unconsciously we adapt it in our lives.
    eg. a poster advertising about a men product won't be in pink but that's the most common color you can see if we look at advertisements for girl's products.