Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How did I derive my Gender?

I found it interesting how i never really ended up thinking about how i derived my gender before?
To go back in time, I found it really interesting and remember all these instances, to start with - As a child, since our voice had not cracked and as i would answer the phone - people thought i was a girl due to my voice. Various other simple incidents like when guys would go swimming, we were allowed to cover only one part of the body while women were told to be dressed and carry their body differently.
These small incidents played an important role in my early realization of my gender - Later on i can say my first sexual experience with the opposite sex had an important role in my gender and sexuality discovery.

Svabhu Varma


  1. i could relate to this post to quite an extent.even in my post i have mentioned about relation between age and and how you are gendered accordingly.age plays an important role in gender identity. just as we keep growing, the borders defining our identity also keep growing.

  2. i totally agree here with Svabhu. the environment around us plays very important role in understanding our gender. and small small things like different toilets for girls and boys, girls and boys had different rows in school etc. make it very distinct.