Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Masking: Now it is a part of me.

Fake or true?
Polite or rude?
Who decides who is who?
I am what I want to be, I am what I want to show
I am what I want you to see, I am whatever I can be.
I may show it in my voice,
I may put it on my face.
I live with it, I lie with it,
I cry with it, I spy with it.
It works as shield for me,
Protects the world from knowing the reality.
I change it every now and then
Now it is a part of me.


  1. At last flaws don't erase,
    I change the mask on my face,
    for the task taking place,
    cover-up past mistakes,
    now the plasters too great,
    for my soul to escape,
    the decorative paint,
    I live a masquerade fate.

  2. i really liked the way you have portrayed the entire point in the form of a poem. its very well written .. also claps to Evan for the further continuation. i could relate to every point of the poem and i feel that its necessary for each of us to mask ourself to some extent but not to such an extent that you start forgetting yourself.

  3. i really think that the poem written in this context is a very pertinent and a very expressive way of showing your thought process....
    but if is the mask we choose to wear is out of compulsion and is forced on us then is the most preferred mask in the society or the most used mask by us in long time becomes a part of us but can it be called ourown true personality ?