Sunday, October 24, 2010

For our reflective rant we tried experimenting with sand art. We explored the things which we like about being a guy and things that we don't. We used certain symbols as in an eagle to mean the fewer restrictions we face and an elephant to show physical strength.

The pride of having facial hair and the relief of not having menstrual pains. Lucky to not have labor pains yet jealous of not being able to give birth. The non-existence of a 'Guy's Night' and the fear of getting hit on the crotch. The embarassment of an uninvited erection and to end it all, premature ejaculation.

Please ignore the shabby editing and the vagueness of the video. It was an experimental venture and we are surprised that we actually completed it. :) Sorry about exceeding the time limit.


  1. If this was your first time at sand art,i feel you've really done justice to the medium and the way one image flows into another. At some instances, the symbology had a great visual impact and could've been kept within the time limit.

  2. Funny and times and interesting the variety of angles you took on Masculinity, from the freedom of an eagle to the threat of being kicked in the balls. I agree with Malvika that it could have been condensed into a shorter form.

  3. I Really think that if this was your first attempt for sand art it was amazing and done really well and the act was eally interesting to sees so many different views of mascuilinity yet it became very monotonous because of the duration of the video ..yet it is quite commendable for having such a great hold on the material.....