Friday, October 29, 2010

How Women are Portrayed in Media

Our hand performance shows the way women are portrayed in the media, as sex objects, thus we used a song which talks about the dishonor of Munni (a woman), the video shows that how such songs term women in derogatory ways, that whenever there is an act of sexual abuse, the reasons from the male side are always the same-they were provoked.
This is a form of branding and stereotyping that is being created by mass media.


  1. Your making an interesting point that media stereotype women who are sexually abused as somehow provoking or deserving what happened to them. What is this mass marketing of rape selling us?

  2. Just to mention this 'display' of women is being sent out in most cultures around the world in their own ways. This type of entertainment and portrayal of women leads to the young generation into believing that the roles the women play in this form of media is their role in real life too. This is an aberration of ideas and the truth of what actually is.