Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If I could

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If I could deny it all,
I would,
because what I have to accept,
is already
within me.

I don't know how to answer the question-'How am I gendered?'
What is my gender, really? In my journal, I've tried mapping out questions related to sexuality and my gender identity in the form of things that people have said to me while I was growing up.


  1. I could really connect to many of the things In your post. like- "don't come off as desperate, you can not ask a boy out!", "how lovely it is for a girl to dress up- cross your legs in a skirt"
    Also that a girl's birthday will involve *frocks and ribbons*

    Your words bring up few thoughts like
    How when we reach to that age where we can actually think and decide about our gender identity, we are already trained by people to act in a certain way, to think what they want the society to think about us, to follow 'ONLY' the identity our physical appearance defines.At the end making us lose our 'real identity'.

  2. I agree with you on that Kriti!
    Identity is so conditioned, the essence of the word seems lost to me!