Friday, October 29, 2010

Masked Hands

Masks fuse into our personalities. We have dealt with the concept that parents or people who bring us up, impose structures on us that in time, turn to become restrictions that inhibit growth. Our own masks turn against us.


  1. I like this concept of our masks turning against us. It's like an inner rebellion that happens when we try to change to fast. When I saw the image of the hand boxed in at the end of the video I wondered, at what point does the "box" of a limited role shrink around you? Is that the natural reaction to being exposed to some thing beyond the limited role, but then having to return to the box?

  2. hey devanshi/neha,
    i love the idea that you chose to work with, i especially like how that one hand wants to try new stuff, but is been forced down not to

  3. how i see this performance played out.
    acceptance- the hand on the right wanted to be accepted by the other, but that was possible only if the other hand had power over it.
    opposition- the suppressed hand opposed this power which was met by conflict.
    punishment-exclusion from the rest by boxing it in.