Saturday, October 30, 2010

our video represents the suppression of  women, be it in a relationship or in the society. it shows how she is controlled and manipulated but there are a few of them who break through these borders .


  1. Kriti/Shambhavi
    While watching the video I was wondering how I might have interpreted it without the blurb. I definitely got woman in the very beginning images and got the idea of freedom in a very feminine sense at the end. The images in the middle were more confusing to me. Initially I thought that you might be depicting a mother-in-law. My recommendations would be to think about the transitions between beautiful happy woman, oppressed woman and free woman and capture the transition between the three. Beautiful imagery.

  2. Hey Kriti and Shambhavi,
    I feel that your video may be interpreted in a lot of different ways and i like that about it. You'll used animal imagery through your hands and each animal was distinctive of a certain quality and presence which was interesting to interpret. Each animal was representing a certain emotion or energy as well as femininity and masculinity. The colours used in the middle were visually appealing as well. Great job on the video. I can imagine how the video would bring a contrast between the number of flying birds and failing deer if you were permitted to more than two hands.