Monday, November 1, 2010


Our video tries to portray the sexual tension within a workspace. Women are sexually harrased by their employers/ senior authorities and men are easily manipulated by women as well. This is why we used the circus as a metaphor with the ring master ordering the circus performer to do acts that put her in a difficult situation. There is a role reversal when the circus performer lures the ring master into doing the same stunts and finally frames him.


  1. Shreya/ Albert
    I really enjoyed the movement, attitude and attire of the hands - you were able to capture the nuances of the characters really well. You seemed to have brought up an aspect of gender relations that has still laid below the surface in our discussions - the role of the vixen, the tricky woman the one who will use her tricks of the trade to frame. I look forward to adding more to that discussion next week. Thanks,

  2. OH! this is awesome!! i really like the way whole act is done..i like the fact that you guys have played alot with props .. it is actually looking like a circus with all those lighting and stuff..its really very well done!!

  3. The act was very entertaining because of the use of many props.The set looked almost real and amazing and showed the hard work ..
    and i think the idea adressed here is the one which needs attention because it is vey prevailent in indian society and the act expresses this bias in a great and a effective way ..

  4. I think its a very well thought of and executed act. I love how the actors have managed to give the fingers a character which go past just the make up. Like the female fingers had this very seductive ,smooth thing happening while the male fingers had a double step walk, a sense of hesitance in it.
    Nice work guys!!!

  5. The power play between the male and female gender is very interesting and the oppression of the former by the latter has finally come in the picture. The kind of effort you've put into this is exemplary. awesome!

  6. The whole set up of circus works really well, the ring master ordering what to do was a great idea. you could really see how the dominance was working, and how it changes at the end.
    great work guys!

  7. Thank you so much for all your comments. We're glad that the message we wanted to share was received clearly as well as new meanings that we never thought of were revealed. We look forward to working even harder on our next project.

  8. Hey, *Intruding*

    All said and done, it's really a good job. Congrats!
    Though, I think it fell behind the music in some places. The movement being a character shows off really well on-screen, but in tandem with the background score, it falls short. Perhaps, you could lower the volume or something.
    A contrast is always welcome, but it needs to have some pizzazz. I hope you didn't mind...just thought you could better it!


  9. hey i was really impressed by the way you have managed to create an entire scenario. just as a feedback i would like to say that you could have done a bit more with your hands as at some point i felt that the hands were not performing enough. but i really loved the concept and you could really manage to send across your message. Great job Shreya and Albert. keep it up.

  10. Hey! A lot of comments. I haven't been checking the blog much. Thanks for commenting.

    I hope to create more good works. Keep commenting.