Friday, November 12, 2010

Death of Chivalry

We wanted to find out whether something as simple as being helped carry a heavy load on the road was unnatural. The video speed has been doubled up in order to make a short film without loosing the parts where we were helped and the parts where we were ignored.
When two girls were walking on the road carrying a large carton people ignored us for a while. We crossed busy streets and the traffic too did not pay heed. Only once did an old gentleman come and offer his help and tell us to not hesitate to ask for help. Four gentlemen standing in a huddle refused to move a little in order to let us pass even though we continuously asked them to excuse us.
The quality of footage for when Abhishek lifted the carton himself was not usable thus we only have stories to offer. Abhishek was helped twice along the short path he took. Since the carton was actually not heavy, while helping him one man actually started laughing.


  1. about this experience i felt that people did want to help but they felt it awkward to come forward and grant help because there were girls carrying the carton and when the same carton was carried by a guy. people felt that he was more approachable so asked him for help as they felt more comfortable with that. However not a single lady was also bothered at the same tie. Are ladies more reluctant to help ?

  2. i agree with Shambhavi,onlookers might feel hesitant to talk to young women as their intentions might be judged and doubted by them. Abhishek seemed easier to approach as he was a lone man. it's unfortunate that noone came to help but the old man's consideration is touching and leaves one reflecting on what it takes for a person to take a few minutes out to look around at how they can be of help.

  3. Thats true. People have inhibitions about approaching women. It could be embarrassment or they are simply scared of what onlookers may think of them, while it's easier to approach a man. Like I mentioned in class I feel that one incident is not enough to judge people as people change and there are different people everywhere moving from one place to another. It was sad to hear about the reactions that the 'gender violence' team encountered at McDonald's, but it is not the basis to categorize individuals as that is exactly what we are trying to move away from through this course.

  4. Ya i agree with Shambhavi, but during this act I also noticed people turning around and laughing, I also overheard two guys talking about helping the girls and also asking any one of the girls out, though the two guys din't approach the girls.

  5. i liked the way you guys have chosen very simple but effective way of representing this issue.
    it's sad that no one really helped you, but it was because you were in yelahanka. somewhere else someone might have helped you instead of just starring at you or laughing.