Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rajnish (Facebook profile)

Basic Info
Birthday:October 22, 1984

Siblings:Rahul Arora
Varun Kapoor

Relationship Status:Single

Interested In:Men
Looking For:Friendship

Current City:Xyzsx
Political Views:OMG!! PHAleasee!! i hate these things

Bioi am not sure who i am . i am just like others but please dont label me jus because i like guys .

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.


  1. Hey Ashay,
    While interpreting your mask i noticed the varied colours and glitter on the mask. This made me feel that your character has a bright life. The pink shows that it is a female. However when i looked closely at the eyebrows i see them slanting downwards a bit the eyes thus looking confused. Could you please attach some information about your character's personality and the background of it's life so that we can interpret your mask the way you want it to be interpreted.
    All in all your mask is quite eye-catching.

  2. Maybe you should have written more in order to make the relation between the quote and your mask stronger.

  3. Guys i just updated my post . please check it.

  4. Hey,

    I like the format you have chose for representing your mask on the blog- the fact that facebook is a mask itself- that makes sense!

  5. that was a really good point that neha came up with...didn't think of that...people put on various different styles of edited pics on facebook with a well thought description about themselves...which IS a mask...waah beta ashay!!
    nice :-)