Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Natasha Singhania

All that Glitters,
Is not Gold.
There are still,
few stories untold!

Natasha's play list-

Most played:

-Room Service-             (Pitbull)
-Touch my body-           (Mariah Carey)
-Gold digger-                 (Kanye West)
-Laid to rest-                  (Lamb of god)
-Time To Pretend-          (MGMT)
-Fuck me, I am famous-  (David Guetta)
-Beneath the Remains-     (Sepultura)
-Rude Boy-                     (Rihanna)
-Lollipop-                       (Mika)
-I wanna fuck you-         (Akon)
-Candy Shop-                (50 Cent)
-Walk with me in hell-     (lamb of god)
-Beep-                           (Pussycat Dolls)
-My Hump-                   (Black eyed Peas)
-Unfaithful-                    (Rihanna)
-Orgasm435-                 (Dj Caffiene)
-Birthday sex-                (Jeremih)

1 comment:

  1. I like that you have reflected your character's personality through the music she listens to. From conversations with you during class i have learnt that your character is a sex worker. I'd just like to know of what economic background is she. As it is a little confusing to place her in reality. If she is of a lower income group is she educated? etc. The colours on your mask are confident and bright and your character is vibrant as well. I can imagine her to be violent as well. egoistic too. Well done Kriti.