Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Promotion - Mime

To promote the opus show our team head to the city (Brigade Road, Church Street and M G Road) dressed as mime artists expressing oppression and gender related issues to the public and got a great response from the public. Hope to see them there (:


  1. Kudos to your effort! Really eye-catching too!
    I just think taking their contact numbers after would have helped!

  2. I agree completely with Neha. It seemed like a good idea to attract the attention of the passersby with mime acts but i don't think we convinced any people to actually attend the event. Keeping in touch and reminding them would help but we don't have any details to be able to do that. We got a good reaction from the public and next time round we'll try to get a good response as well. To the other groups a piece of advice- always carry extra posters and memos/ flyers, you'll run out of them anyway.
    While promoting our play we ended up assuming the kind of people that we approached in the sense that we directed our speeches towards people who we thought would attend. It was great to work with kriti and the three musketeers.