Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I used 'repetition' of words and parts of words in my poem.
I can't categorize my poem under any style as i am not well aware of the different kinds. At first i was apprehensive about even writing a poem by myself and so i didn't know where to start. Thus while i thought of a subject to write on i played with the word 'repetition' itself and so through word play i arrived at a poetic play. Performing my piece in front of all my esteemed classmates was a tough affair.
This is probably the first poem i have officially written. It was a different experience that i'd wish to REPlicate in the future.


  1. I liked the idea of the form that you used. It was clearly engaging.
    Just a question- did you choose the sequence of words due to their phonetic sounds or was there a narrative behind placing them that way?

  2. I really liked your concept from the very beginning and like neha said - its very engaging...

  3. The word-play was well thought of and very interesting, especially when you performed it, the pace and expression added all the more to it. Write more!