Monday, November 8, 2010

They say I am a Mama's boy!

Here I am. You needn't bother about my name or age or sex, but I want to talk with you is about myself. I want you to listen to what I say and avoid frequent interruptions during my speech.

People have been calling me a mama's boy and loudmouth and all that and today I wanna look at myself and see if there's something in myself that I haven't yet discovered. I feel, nowadays, I hardly get time to talk to my moma about what is happening in class, coz I am busy with studies. I do share a lot of things or maybe, everything happening in my class but what's the problem with that? I just don't get why my mates are so uncomfortable with that aspect of mine. Whenever I happen to talk about home, they call me MAMA's boy and that pisses me off.

Today, 9th of november, I am gonna put myself on scrutiny. As in I will record whatever actions I do in different places and different situations. I will look at myself from the perspective of a 3rd person and see if my friends make a sense when they call me a pussy.

I wake up at 6 in the morning by listening to the annoying sound of alarm. I stop it and lives mechanically for the next half an hour by spending time on brushing, going to the toilet and dressing up for school.
At 7 am, I go to the kitchen and see what my mom is preparing. I spend half an hour in the kitchen, sitting on a stool and watching my mother prepare food for my sister and father. I would have eaten enough for breakfast before my mother even serves food for us.

I go to school right after my father wakes up.

At school, I hate the bunch of boys who gather around and engage in discussions on wrestling and rock music. I make friends mostly with girls and of late I realise that most of the girls in my class find me ridiculous. omg, I never knew they were such back-bitching bitches. They know that I will slap them if they speak a word which I don't like. <<>
As soon as the school gets over, I go home but that is not because I wanna see moma, like some stupid boys think. But it is because I can't stand the sight of seeing some rash boys playing football in the muddy ground of our school after school gets over and get their white uniforms stinky and disgusting by the end of the day.

I go home and at home I spend just half an hour talking with my mom before going to sit on the study desk for the next 4 hours.
At school, I am the smartest kid and people are jealous of that. That's the only reason people hate mw. To all my critiques, all I got to say is, BE Jealous!


  1. wassup Albert,
    it really nice for you to shared your thoughts about how you were being labelled in school.Examples of problems like these are quite prevalent in schools.
    I wanna ask you if you're 'comfortable' being close to your mother, being a mama's boy is perfectly normal. What i infer from your reading is that you seem uncomfortable being called that and have started to develop a hatred for people around cause of that.
    Correct me if i'm wrong or getting across well

  2. Thanks for commenting jaspreet.

    The thoughts of my mask I've written here is totally based on how the character might think and the characters behavior and actions are very much different from mine.
    The evident behavior of the character and myself are totally different.

    This character is an attention seeking loudmouth who is regarded as an asshole among his peers. He is bright in studies and he shares every single thing that happens in class with his mom.

    coming to me, I am very different from this character I think. Maybe I am just the opposite. I wish to talk a lot with my mom, but I am too embarrassed to talk with her about many things. I want to be a loudmouth at class but I am too consious about what others would think of me. So basically, this character is a very expressive version of my own character.

    Once again thanx for your response jaspreeth. Keep commenting.