Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My good name....Aadarsh 'Andy' Srivastav

To Aadarsh Srivastav

I know how fed up you are of living a life of lies. The life of Andy Srivastav, a name as fake as the life he lives. A fake life that has jeopardised many real lives.

But you must understand the only reason you do this is for your family. You just want to keep them happy even if that means, you living the life of a normal guy. You cannot reveal to your wife your true sexuality, at least not in this life. That would mean an end of your entire family life, and you don’t want that do you?

You could ‘not’ have supported your family with that small garment business of yours. You were good with your business and it is commendable how you used your limited knowledge of fashion to build powerful ties within the industry, but that was not enough to survive in this world; was it?

You starting your new agency, was what anyone else would have done, if in your place. You have just been a smart businessman and there is nothing wrong with that.

Whether you like it or not, you have to accept Andy. He is that one part of you that is holding your life together.


Andy Srivastav


  1. Content read.
    I am a bit confused about few things though.
    Are aadarsha and andy srivastav different people?
    IF they both are the same, then he must be writing this letter to himself.

  2. Does he have a pinocchio nose because he has to constantly lie about his sexuality?
    Is there a sexual pun behind the usage of the nose?