Tuesday, November 9, 2010

uncle Jeremy

(Lucas: looking at his brother's dirt bike)
"i really wanna ride this bike, look at all the big wheels, i wanna swirl up in the sky just like brother does."
uncle Jeremy(standing behind):
then go on ahead young lad(evil smirk).
"but brother doesn't let me, he says its too dangerous for me and I'm too young for it....blahhh!!!"
uncle Jeremy:
"ahhh!!....can't blame him young lad, after all, these bikes are meant for the bravest only "
"hey!!!...I'm brave"
uncle Jeremy:
"I'm sorry young lad, but I have a responsibility to keep young, now that your family is not here"
"but uncle Jeremy....i know brother gave you the keys to handle the bike while he's away...please uncle,PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!"
uncle Jeremy:
"no no Lucas!!"(evil plan building up at the back of his mind)
"temme where the keys are uncle please!!"
uncle Jeremy:
"no young lad, i can't tell you that the the keys are in the third locker...opps!!!"
(Lucas runs to get the keys)
Uncle Jeremy: (hehehehahaha...haha...HAHAHA!!!)

There's always this one uncle in every family, who is like the crack in the family pillar and the root for all mischief. Jeremy here is a 45yr old single man whose main purpose for many years now is to steal the spot as the ruling head of the family, of which Lucas is the rightful heir.


  1. Hey good work man.
    Your work is interesting. From what I saw first-hand at class, I can see that you have added that cap and the name uncle Jeremy which made your work further better.

    The conversation and plot you have chosen to present your character is good too

  2. The final outcome of the mask is creepy and add to that the fact that it is impossible to read Uncle Jeremy's mind as no facial parts are capable of expression! This adds greatly to the mystique of your character and will allow you to explore body language and props. Stretching and exploring is also visible in the style of the mask, i think it's really cool!
    Great job!

  3. thanks alot!!
    @malvika - " the fact that it is impossible to read Uncle Jeremy's mind as no facial parts are capable of expression! "
    thats a really good point that you wrote...that would help me explain about my mask to others better..thank you :)