Monday, November 8, 2010

your way below average girl.

'Guys, have you seen that girl in the cubicle by the cooler?
Yea, that one there, in the plain clothes.
Not much to look at, is she? Doesn't talk much either.'

'Where? Oh wait, I see her. What's with the tense face? Does she think we're being graded
for discipline at the office?'

'Nah, she usually looks like that...when she's not going through a mood-swing, then it's best to stay clear, anything ticks her off"

'Constant PMS or something?'

'I suppose so. Man, look at those rings around her eyes! Behind those glasses is one over-worked 27 or 28 year old. She looks 40! She could use some make-up. I'll suggest it in the ladies' room.'

'No way. You can't be seen talking to her, she's kinda crazy, writing a research paper on
some silkworm in the Nilgiri hills, tried talking the boss's wife out of wearing silk saries for the conservation of silkworms, sustainability of the food-chain, lalalalalalala. I bet she's doing this job just because she didn't get any funds'

'That, or she has an OCD for deadlines. Too bad, the competition will get to her. Look at her, she's biting her nails, for heaven's sake!'

'Give her a break guys, maybe she's just shy and waiting to be approached by one of us, we don't even know her name yet.'

'Yea alright, as long as it's something easy to pronounce'

'Haha, I just read it on the lunch list, it's Mrinalini Seshasayee..'


  1. I really like the form of your writing, it portrays the persona very well as well as different people's reaction towards her.

    The mask goes well with the character description,
    but why did you choose to make one cheek bone prominent? is it to show she is a girl? or it symbolizes something else?

  2. Very nice. I liked the conversation especially.

  3. thank you guys,

    @ kriti, i tried showing half of her face with dark rings to show an overworked person and the other half as plain and shy. The emphasis was on the under-eye circles, but I guess it ended up looking like cheekbones! Not quite the intention.